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Workshops 2016:


In addition to the workshops available to groups and guilds below, private classes (St Kilda based) are available from $50 an hour and are personalised to suit your individual needs. Contact us for details.



Paint & Pencil On Fabric (1 day)
technique class

A ‘no sew’ class where you will explore a variety of ways to incorporate paint, pencil and other art mediums onto fabric. You will learn:
• How to paint and apply fusible web in different weights
• Sun dying
• Creasing fabric / manipulations for special effects
• How to use textile mediums to make pencil etc permanent
• How to set up fabric for stress free paint and drawing
• How to work ‘wet on wet’ for watercolour effects


Wave-Goodbye-Kitty-Neroli-HendersonIMG_6452 Plight-of-the-Bumblebee-Neroli-Henderson-W painted-seascape-1




Shiva Sticks (1 or 2 days)
technique class 1 day / project class 2 days

Use Shiva Oil paint sticks on fabric and discover how wonderful and versatile these are to work with.
• Rubbings over textured items
• Using with a stencil
• Drawing techniques
• Mixing them with citrus turps for watercolour effects
The 2 day class gives one day for paintstick work and the second for thread work / quilting over your painted fabric or further embellisment. The one day class will have you go home with a variety of samples in each technique or a quilt top ready for stitching.


IMG_1558 Que Sera IMG_1650 shivarubbing




Art Basics (1 day)
technique class

This ‘no sew’ class combines art theory with practical exercises to improve your use of colour, line, negative space, shape, value and other factors that will increase your design skills. We will also do a simple exercise to make sure you’re drawing what you see, rather than what you think you are seeing. No drawing or other art skills necessary.



Angelina Aurora (1 or 2 days)
project class

Create your own version of my one of my favourite works “Aurora’. You will create the entire piece from fused layers of Angelina fibre (crystal shard) to create your own landscape that shimmers and changes with light and the direction of view. This will then be backed with satin and stitched before have pieces removed with a soldering iron and being edged with fusible foil. You will learn:
• How to bond and layer and blend Angelina fibres
• How to embed metal leaf and other items into your sheet of Angelina
• Reverse appliqué with a soldering iron
• Foiled edges
Free-motion sewing is optional and can be completed with standard straight stitch.
Can be taught as a 1 or 2 day class depending on project size.


Aurora close up




Foiling 4 ways (1 day)
project class

This is a very easy ‘no sew’ class where you will learn to use fusible foils by creating a simple landscape. Techniques taught:
• How to create different densities with fusible webs
• Sprinkle ‘star’ effects using bonding powder
• Creating an easy decorative edging
• 3D lines and shapes using glue
• To use foil to seal raw edges of appliqués
• How to work on fabrics like satin and velvet with ease


Foiling 4 ways - neroli henderson




Mixed Media – Treescape (2 days)
project class

You will create your own unique landscape quilt and explore a variety of mixed media techniques.
• Paint the sky using Lumiere metallic paints
• Learn a fabric collage technique for the ground
• Thread paint a tree trunk using variegated thread
• Learn a way to do the ‘confetti’ technique for the tree leaves that doesn’t require any sheer fabric overlay.
Students must have a machine capable of free-machine stitch and free-motion sewing experience is a plus.
The image below is my ‘Cherry Tree’ mixed media quilt and features as a project in Embellish magazine’s Issue 20, if you wish to do this exact design each student will need to purchase a copy of Embellish issue #20.


LR Cherry Blossom Neroli Henderson





The Churning (2 days)
project class 

You will create your own version of my painted, fused and stitched quilt ‘The Churning’ and learn:
• How to paint a realistic sky in metallic paints using water to create blending and flow
• How to manage fabric paint so it goes only where you want it to
• How to use decorative stitches for effective backgrounds
• To embellish with stitch on painted fabrics (hand stitching or sashiko machine optional for highlights)
• how to use fusible web for raw edge appliqué





Free motion stitching (1 day)
technique class

Learn all my favourite tips for beautiful and precise free motion stitching with no thread breaks!
Bobbin work / two threads through the top needle / altered tensions / needle choice / stabiliser / free machining with decorative stitch and transferring your design to your artwork are all explored.






Hot Stuff 1 (1 day)
technique class – heat guns

Layer many different synthetic fabrics and embed assorted textiles and metal flakes within the layers. This will be then stitched in a grid for begginers or freemotioned for the more advanced before being heat gunned to reveal glimpses of the layers beneath. You will learn how to:
• How stitch (and paint) can act as a heat resist medium
• How different types of synthetics melt
• How to distort synthetics with a heat gun
• How to create an unpredicatable abstract artwork
• How to ‘finish’ edges without fraying using a heat gun
nb. this class can be combined with ‘Hot Stuff 2’ for a comprehensive two day workshop on heat tools.


pushing up daisies burnt neroli henderson We'll always have ParisIMG_0422



Hot Stuff 2 (1 day)
technique class – soldering irons

Explore soldering irons and their many uses on synthetic fabric including sheers, satins, acylic felt and vinyl. You will learn how to:
• Use your soldering iron for mark marking
• How different fabrics will colour and melt
• Bond layers of synthetics together
• Embed snippets of fabrics
• Finish edges
• Remove layers for a reverse appliqué technique
• Use stitch as an outline guide and how to pick suitable thread for this sort of work.
nb. this class can be combined with ‘Hot Stuff 1’ for a comprehensive two day workshop on heat tools.


dogwood-watermarked theyearningwhiteBG IMG_1626 ulysees-textile-butterfly




Hot Leaves (1 or 2 days)
technique (1 day) or project based (2 day)

You will learn the techniques used to create your own unique version of my “The End of Beauty” art quilt using a heat gun, soldering iron and synthetic materials. You will learn how to create leaves from:
• Painted, stitched, heat gunned Tyvek
• Angelina fibre
• Textiva Film
• Layered and scored organza with embedded snippets.
You will leave how to cut and distort leaves along with methods for various detailing. After creating various leaves if time allows you will then use a soldering iron to ‘baste’ these to your backing fabric before stitching.

end-of-beauty-cleanedleafIMG_6814 IMG_6799




All That Glitters (1 or 2 days)
technique (1 day) or project based (2 days)


Learn how to add some bling to your artworks with Angelina fibres, Textiva Film, fusible foils, metal flakes etc. Choose a one day technique class or a 2 day project class where you create a version of my “Tweet” quilt that uses all of the above in a number of ways. Depending on the amount of ‘playtime’ allowed in class the quilt could be completed in one day.







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